dplyr verbs


Arrange rows by variables in a remote database table


Copy a local data frame to a DBI backend.

collapse(<tbl_sql>) compute(<tbl_sql>) collect(<tbl_sql>)

Force computation of query


Perform arbitrary computation on remote backend

inner_join(<tbl_lazy>) left_join(<tbl_lazy>) right_join(<tbl_lazy>) full_join(<tbl_lazy>) semi_join(<tbl_lazy>) anti_join(<tbl_lazy>)

Join sql tbls.

src_dbi() tbl(<src_dbi>)

dplyr backend for any DBI-compatible database

Database connection


Refer to a table in a schema

memdb_frame() tbl_memdb() src_memdb()

Create a database table in temporary in-memory database.

remote_name() remote_src() remote_con() remote_query() remote_query_plan()

Metadata about a remote table

SQL generation


Build a SQL string.

escape() escape_ansi() sql_vector()

Escape/quote a string.

ident() ident_q() is.ident()

Flag a character vector as SQL identifiers


Partially evaluate an expression.

sql() is.sql() as.sql()

SQL escaping.

sql_expr() sql_call2()

Generate SQL from R expressions

translate_sql() translate_sql_()

Translate an expression to sql.

window_order() window_frame()

Override window order and frame