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  • db_connection_describe() provides a short string describing the database connection, helping users tell which database a table comes from. It should be a single line, and ideally less than 60 characters wide.


db_connection_describe(con, ...)

sql_join_suffix(con, suffix, ...)

db_sql_render(con, sql, ..., cte = FALSE, sql_options = NULL)

db_col_types(con, table, call)



  • dbplyr_edition() declares which version of the dbplyr API you want. See below for more details.

  • db_col_types() returns the column types of a table.

dbplyr 2.0.0

dbplyr 2.0.0 renamed a number of generics so that they could be cleanly moved from dplyr to dbplyr. If you have an existing backend, you'll need to rename the following methods.

  • dplyr::db_desc() -> dbplyr::db_connection_describe() (also note that the argument named changed from x to con).

See also

Other generic: db-sql, db_copy_to(), sql_escape_logical()